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Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. This two-week intensive immersion into the Sikh culture, language, values and community is held annually in the summer. Sidak will be held from July 18th to July 31st, 2015 at the Khalsa Centre in British Columbia. Overlooking Miracle Valley, the 160 acres border of the Khalsa Centre is enveloped in majestic trees on multiple Lakes amidst breathtaking beauty in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. To learn more about the campsite visit their website.


In addition to three tracks and sessions on leadership development and community building, which serve as key foundations for Sidak. These tracks and sessions are facilitated by SikhRI team members, borrowed from both the staff and the board. Each facilitator brings his or her own experiences, education and passions to the classroom sessions. The bonds that Sidakers form with their instructors and other students will inspire them towards education and activism long after the program ends. Home cooking and the gorgeous, unique scenery enrich the experience. This unique learning opportunity will help young adults discover their inner-self, build stronger relationships, and infuse the Sikh spirit in future goals and successes.


Sidak Course

Three separate courses are offered simultaneously: one for first time participants, one for returning students. Sikhi 101 study an overview of Sikh history and theology through structured learning, while Sikhi 201 students delve deeper into the same subjects through a more rigorous exploration. Gurbani 101 is a survey course that familiarizes students with the structure, languages and themes of the Guru Granth Sahib.

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