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Our digital presence has shifted homes a few times. Listed below is an archive of our past press releases.

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Q4 Update (December 5)
Introduction To Sabad Kirtan Course (November 25)
State of the Panth Report (October 23)
Q3 Update (October 19)
Sidh Gosti Course (September 15)
Sidak 2017 Review (August 14)
Lav Course (July 13)
Q2 Update (July 7)
New Board Chair (June 28)
Barah Maha Course (May 1)
Sidak 2017 (March 3)



3rd Quarter Community Update 2016 (September 30)
Bhai Vir Singh Event (September 15)
SikhRI Concludes Sidak 2016 Retreat (August 10)
Launch of Nad – Gurmat Sangit Heritage (July 12)
6th Month Update: Your Contributions Empower Us (June 30)
Launch of Mul Mantar (June 16)
Launch of Summer Curriculum (June 7)
Sidak 2016 Registration has started! (May 28)
Kultar’s Mime in Malaysia (April 20)
Sikhia-Online Sikhi Education Platform (March 9)



Sidak 2016 (September 8)
Resignation of CEO (December 14)
Kultar’s Mime – Our Work Continues… (October 9)
Gurduara Governance (October 1)
Sidak 2015 Concludes (September 8)
Thank You, Vahiguru – PR (August 4)
Chair Person – Inni Kaur (March 13)
Sidak in British Columbia (March 17)
Announcing second online course for learning Language of Gurbani (April 16)



Sikhi­ Inspired Programs Across The GTA  (3 December)
Kultar’s Mime 1984 Play heads to NYC after sold out Boston shows (3 October)
Language of Gurbani – – First online course available (11 September)
Kultar’s Mime Play – Boston, 28th September 2014 (21 August)
Sikh Summer Leadership Program (SIDAK) Concludes (12 August)
Sikhi: Faith and Followers – 2nd Edition Published (5 August)
Thirty years on, why do we continue to engage with 1984? (6 June)
Sidak Leadership Retreat 2014 (13 May)
SikhRI celebrates Vaisakhi with “Guru Granth Sahib – Its Language & Grammar” (14 April)
SikhRI Partners with KhojGurbani – A Crowdsourcing Platform for Gurbani Launches on Vaisakhi  (12 April)
Unlocking Sikh Potential – “The Vidia Mentorship Programme” (16 January)



Developing Leadership Qualities at Sidak 2013  (14 August)
Sojhi Online Goes Live Around the Globe (23 July)
SikhRI Announces Platform for Sojhi Online (17 July)
Reaching Out to Parents & Professionals (9 July)
Events in Pacific Northwest Invigorate Leaders (25 June)
SikhRI Turns Focus to Toronto (17 June)
Celebrating Vaisakhi Ideals in BC (23 April)
Cultivating Self-Development & the Sikh Spirit (28 February)



Tri State Trainings Inspire Confidence in Home, Classroom & Self (13 December)
Provoking Actionable Insights in Aussies & Kiwis (3 December)
Pacific NW Tour Sparks New Lights (8 November)
Forging Modern Political Connections to Sikh History (25 October)
Sidak 2012: 14 days, 3 tracks of learning, 25 revolutionaries (22 August)
Interfaith Panel Convenes to Discuss Faith in Economics and Politics (16 August)
Sidakers Engage San Antonians In Aftermath of Wisconsin Shootings (10 August)
Sikh Research Institute Offers Condolences on Wisconsin Gurduara Shootings (5 August)
Interfaith Panel to Reflect on Faith in Occupy Movement, Elections & Economics (2 August)
Sikhs & Non SIkhs Join in BC for Vaisakhi Dialogues (12 April)
Leadership, Panjab & Becoming Guru-Like (4 April)
Educational Events Organized on Significance of Vaisakhi (28 March)
Misl Ingland: Conversations on Anything Sikhi (26 June)
Interfaith Panel to Reflect on Faith in Occupy Movement, Elections & Economics (30 July)
SikhRI Offers Condolences on Wisconsin Gurduara Shootings (5 August)
Sidakers Engage San Antonians in Aftermath of Wisconsin Gurduara Shootings (10 August)
Interfaith Panel Convenes to Discuss Faith in Economics & Politics (16 August)
Sidak 2012: 14 Days, 3 Tracks of Learning, 25 Revolutionaries (22 August)

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