20% off SikhRI Books in celebration of Nanakshahi550. - Sikh Research Institute

20% off SikhRI Books in celebration of Nanakshahi550.

Guru Nanak Sahib set out with Bhai Mardana, on journeys that transformed humanity through the formation of Sikhi. 

The Guru followed no King and belonged to no Empire. 

Embodying attributes of IkOankar (1-Ness), the Guru became a Creative Force. 

Those that joined Sikhi met one another in equality. 

Spiritually, detaching from ego. 

Politically, acting as a sovereign body. 

Absorbed in Remembrance, in the love of Sabad (Divine-Word), Sikhs congregate together. 

The love in each individual then becomes the foundation for justice in the collective.

In celebration of Nanakshahi550 Sikh Research Institute is delighted to offer all SikhRI literature at a 20% discount for the months of November and December. All books can be purchased here. Use the code “sikhri20” at checkout.

In addition, during the month of November and December, all SikhRI literature is discounted by 20%, including the new children’s book Daddy’s Turban. All books can be purchased here.  Use the code sikhri20 at checkout.

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