SikhRI delivers specialized workshops to your community!

From developing leadership to harmonious relationships, to governing gurduaras — every workshop we devise is an immersive way to deepen your understanding and expression of Sikhi.

If you would like to book a workshop, please fill out a form and our team will contact you.

Young Adults

For self-development and specific life events in the journey of the individual, we provide content and programs to deepen the understanding and connection to Sikhi. Young adults especially are at a pivotal point when they embark on new paths for higher education, career or beginning their families.

Sidak is our leadership program, specifically intended for young adults (18-40).

Young Parents

Parents and adult caregivers are often seeking ways in which they can bring Gurbani alive for their children, to create an early and ongoing connection to Sikhi. Our programs have included workshops intended for young couples, through to events and content specifically for children and teens.

Sojhi is our program for creating products and developing curriculum for children.

Kids & Teens

We engage our young people through medium and message. With a rich presence on social media, we get in front of our youth on the channels like Instagram where they spend their most time. Also, look out for live events and specially facilitated webinars for teens.

Academics & Institutions

SikhRI has developed and delivered programs to create effective Gurduara boards by empowering its members to govern the Gurduara in accordance with Gurmat (Guru’s Wisdom) principles, and follow best practices for non-profits and charities. As well, we undertake research projects and develop materials to support the work of leaders in Sikh spaces.

The State of the Panth Report is our regularly published research on issues of interest to the global Sangat.

Workshop Formats

We deliver workshops flexibly, based on your community needs and specific objectives.


For 3rd party events — events that are produced by you or organizers in your community — the Mahima format provides speakers to deliver a presentation for your selected topic or area of interest.


For workshops produced by SikhRI, the Saneha format delivers one or more sessions, spanning from half day to multiple days, and featuring any number of SikhRI presenters.

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