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Celebrating #Nanakshahi550

Guru Nanak Sahib’s unique and unparalleled proclamation is IkOankar, the 1Force that sees 1-Ness (Oneness) in everyone and everything.

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Sikhri press releases News March 31, 2020

Daily live online sessions til Vaisakhi

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!   Join us for Vaisakhi Countdown via Daily Reflections   We as a community are connected with a genuine bond that is rooted in Sabad that social distancing cannot break.   SikhRI...
Community Experience March 30, 2020

Guru Harikrishan Sahib: Benevolent Wisdom-Child

In the collective supplication-prayer Ardas, the Sikhs “Remember Guru Harikrishan, by seeing whom all pains leave.” Now, the question is if we want our pains gone, do we know how to envision the Guru?    Bhai Nand Lal ‘Goya’ in Ganjnama...
Community Experience March 30, 2020

Sikh History in Afghanistan – The Sikh Cast | SikhRI

Dr. Pritpal Singh discusses the importance of Afghanistan from the time of the Gurus to now.   Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor or Podbean
Community Experience March 28, 2020

Sikh-Afghans: The Most Endangered Sikh Community

In 1521, Guru Nanak Sahib witnessed the terrible suffering of people at Saidpur (Eminabad), The Panjab. The Guru documents who to question while accepting the Command of the Creative and Pervasive 1Force:   A powerful lion attacks a [cattle]-herd, the...

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