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Commemorating Guru Arjan Sahib's Martyrdom

June 16, 2024

Today, we commemorate Guru Arjan Sahib’s martyrdom, the Sovereign of the Halemi Raj. Peace is the abiding nature of the Guru's benign dominion, where no one troubles or dominates anyone.

ਹੁਣਿ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਹੋਆ ਮਿਹਰਵਾਣ ਦਾ ॥ ਪੈ ਕੋਇ ਨ ਕਿਸੈ ਰਞਾਣਦਾ ॥
ਸਭ ਸੁਖਾਲੀ ਵੁਠੀਆ ਇਹੁ ਹੋਆ ਹਲੇਮੀ ਰਾਜੁ ਜੀਉ ॥੧੩॥

Now, the Compassionate One’s command has prevailed.
Let no one give grief to another.
All abide in peace; this has become the benign dominion.13.
     Guru Granth Sahib 74

This dominion’s foundation, established by Guru Nanak Sahib, is rooted in the culture of Nam (Divine remembrance), which entails identifying with IkOankar (1Force, One, Divine) from within and outwardly flourishing. It is based on recognizing all creation as Divine, as one, with no stranger and no lesser being. This Raj, founded upon love and the awareness of the Divine and universal siblinghood, emanates from this principle.

Throughout history, the benign dominion of the Guru has consistently opposed exclusivist, exclusionist, and majoritarian tendencies that manifest as oppressive religious, social, and political structures. Due to these very structures, Guru Arjan Sahib himself was martyred.

From the beginning, the Guru nurtured a community of individuals driven by perpetual Divine love and unwavering dedication to challenge power structures perpetuating exclusion. The Guru initiated a movement that existed alongside worldly dominion, often called a “State within a state” by historians. This Halemi Raj eventually sparked a revolution that forever transformed the face of South Asia.

Today, let us introspect and question whether we are actively fostering an inclusive and loving culture that embodies the Divine. Is our way of life grounded in the loving awareness of the Divine as conveyed through the Guru’s Bani and Nam?

May we also experience the Halemi Raj of the Beloved within ourselves and strive to replicate it in the external world through our efforts and endeavors.

In remembrance,
The SikhRI Team

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