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Immortal Stories of Love

February 14, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

Since the beginning of time, love stories have been crystallized in our consciousness. Everyone has an opinion on love.

What is the Sikhi understanding of love? Of love beyond mortality, beyond boundaries, and limitations? Bhai Gurdas shares the popular narratives of Love from the Eastern context and applies them to the Beloved, inviting us to challenge our normative understandings:

The love of Laila and Majnu is known in all realms.
The song of Sorath and Bija is on every tongue.
The companionship of Sasi and Punu transcended caste.
Sohni swam Chenab to meet Mahival at night.
Ranjha and Hir are known for their love of each other.
So legendary is the love of the disciples, who sing of their Beloved in the early hours.
Bhai Gurdas, Var: 27:1Bhai Gurdas’s verse makes us pause. It makes us uncomfortable. It makes us reflect.These love stories have been immortalized because their love was not transactional. The lovers crossed boundaries, ignored social norms, and went through fire while staying true to their love. And for that, they paid with their lives.

This is love.
Love beyond boundaries.
Love of total surrender.
Surrender and devotion can be ominous words in today’s world.
Yet, these words are sweeter than honey for a lover aching for the Beloved.
The intense longing compels the lover to walk this path of self-surrender.

Are we brave enough to surrender?
Are we brave enough to challenge societal norms?
Are we brave enough to walk the path of love?

May we yearn to become lovers.
May the Wisdom-Guru guide us.

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