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The Fruit of Surrender

December 13, 2022

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

Many of us are raised and live in cultures that emphasize the ideals of independence and control. However, the relationship between the Sikh and the Guru is one of surrender and devotion.

Surrender and devotion are ominous words in today’s world. Yet, these words are sweeter than honey for those aching to enter the Gurus’ Sanctuary.

The journey of surrender begins by walking, listening deeply, and allowing Sabad (Infinite-Wisdom) to chisel us.

What does chiseling do?
Chiseling allows us to look within.
Chiseling compels us to make changes within.
Chiseling steadies the heart-mind.

Chiseling creates a space within us, enabling Sabad to enter our consciousness.

Effortless surrender transpires—the “what, why, and how’s” sojourn. Reverential, devotional love graces, and transformation occurs.

This is the fruit of surrender.
This is the power of Sabad that takes ordinary beings and makes them extraordinary.

May the longing to be chiseled by Sabad enter us.
May the Wisdom-Guru guide us!

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