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The Legacy of Stability

November 7, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

In the ever-changing world, where chaos and uncertainty often leave us pondering and anxious about the elusive concept of stability, Guru Teghbahadar Sahib's words in the fifty-sixth stanza of Salok Mahala 9 resonate deeply:

Nam remained, the sadhu remained, and remained the Gobind-like Guru.
Nanak’s statement: Who recited the mantra of the Guru in this world.

These words are like a soothing balm for the restless spirit, a beacon of hope in a turbulent sea of existence. Imagine life as a stormy ocean, with waves of unpredictability crashing all around us. Amid this storm, the Guru's wisdom emerges as a steadfast lighthouse, gently guiding us toward a tranquil harbor of stability. This wisdom, the Nam of IkOankar (Identification of the One), is the unwavering bedrock upon which we can construct our lives.

Picture this wisdom as a mighty river and us, the seekers, as boats navigating its currents. To remain anchored in this world's ever-changing waters, we need to tether ourselves to Nam, just as a boat finds stability by latching onto a resolute shore. Nam is our compass, consistently pointing us in the right direction.

Within the vast expanse of existence, numerous paths beckon, but it's those who diligently follow the path of Identifying with the One who truly comprehend the way. They are the virtuous beings, the "sadhus," who live by the Identification of the One. In their hearts, they cherish the Wisdom, the Guru's mantra, as if it were a precious gem.

In the quest for stability, it is the virtuous ones who persevere. Their discipline is unwavering, rooted deeply in their connection with the One. Their lives stand as a testament to the might of Nam, the wisdom of the Guru, and their unswerving dedication to these ideals. In a world where wealth and power are transient as fleeting shadows, it is these virtuous beings who leave an enduring legacy.

Is this the legacy we yearn to leave?

The key to enduring stability lies in embracing Nam, the Guru's Wisdom, and the path of virtuousness. These are the anchors in the turbulent sea of life, guiding us toward a legacy that transcends time and space.

May we yearn to remain steady amidst the ever-changing tides of existence.
May the Wisdom-Guru be with us!

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