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Who is That Being?

July 11, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

Who is this mysterious being that we call the One, the 1Force, the Creator, the Divine?

As seekers, there is a desire to establish a connection and contemplate the existence of this conscious Being. We question our relationship with the all-pervasive force, 1Force, and seek ways to experience it.

Guru Nanak Sahib's "So Daru" (That Court) describes the pervasiveness of 1Force in consciousness. Guru Ramdas Sahib further explores this inquiry in "So Purakhu" (That Being) to understand the identity of this Sovereign Being.

In the second stanza of the first sabad of "So Purakhu," the Guru praises the One, saying,
O’ All-Pervasive! You alone are the only one all-pervading Being constantly dwelling in everybody, at all places, O Dearest!
In the world-play created by You, many are givers and beggars, O Dearest! But all these roles are Your amazing, wondrous plays.
You Yourself are the giver; You Yourself are the relisher, O Dearest! Except for You, I do not know of anyone else.
You are the transcendent Being, limitless and infinite, O Dearest! Which of Your qualities should I describe?

The Guru uses words of admiration to acknowledge the infinite qualities of the Sovereign. This all-pervasive Being exists beyond our imagination and understanding of the Being’s presence. 1Force is limitless and extends to all realms, being the creator and liberator of all things.

The Guru identifying with the seeker, asks how ordinary individuals, immersed in contemplation of the Sovereign's nature, can fully comprehend and describe this Being. The all-pervading consciousness is so immense that it exists everywhere, in everything and everyone, and even beyond. It encompasses human form and extends to the entire natural world.

We pause.
We imagine.

Imagine standing at the shoreline of an ocean, gazing at the vast horizon, marveling at its expanse and the seemingly never-ending water stretching in all directions. Have we ever wondered where the ocean begins and ends or how much water lies within it? Although our eyes can only perceive what lies before us, we know that the water extends far beyond, in all directions. Similarly, when trying to grasp the infinite qualities of the Sovereign, we understand that its boundless nature surpasses our limited comprehension and self-realization within the confines of our human minds.

Are we willing to acknowledge the all-pervading consciousness that envelops us?
Are we willing to recognize the all-pervading consciousness that resides within us?
Are we willing to acknowledge the all-pervading consciousness that transcends our existence?

May we yearn to connect with That Being?
May the Wisdom-Guru guide us!

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