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We have designed programs that engage children’s minds and bodies in their lessons, using props and tools, material from nature, and lots of exciting new words and ideas that will stay with the young students long after they have left the workshop.

The Sikh Research Institute offers several workshops designed especially for young children and teenagers, as well as the ones that are tailored just for parents.

Our education team, which includes Jasmine Kaur, Harliv Kaur, and Inni Kaur, recognizes that children learn in different ways than an adult. That’s why we have designed programs that engage children’s minds and bodies in their lessons, using props and tools, material from nature, and lots of exciting new words and ideas that will stay with the young students long after they have left the workshop.

Check out the descriptions of our different programs; if you’re interested in bringing one of our events to your area, take a moment and get in touch with our office. We also love to collaborate on new workshop topics— the below list is just a sample of what sort of themes we could develop for you and your sangat.

K-12 Workshop

Getting to know Vahiguru
Duration: 1 hour

This workshop is specifically designed for children 5-11 years old. Children will walk through a Sabad by Bhagat Kabir Ji using illustrative material that is readily available from nature. The workshop is intended to be highly interactive with hands-on activities that will prompt lots of questions to help children pick up new vocabulary, develop thinking skills and leave them with a desire to learn more through questioning & self-discovery.

Love and Sikhi
Duration: 1 hour
This workshop is specifically designed for children 7-12 years old. Its aim is to help participants explore the concept of love in relation to Sikhi. Children will dive into a Sabad on love, be introduced to different words in Gurbani for love, and talk about love as action and realization. By providing strong imagery from nature and daily life, children will jump into a lively, open conversation about how they will incorporate love into their own lives through relationships with the natural world and all of humanity.

The Environment: Recognizing Creator in Creation
Duration: 1 – 2 hours (depending on age)
The perfect workshop to instill environmental awareness and stewardship in Sikh youth of all ages. This workshop demonstrates the principle that living a life of caring for the environment is natural to the Sikh way of life. Participants will look at Gurbani and what it says about the role and place of nature in Sikh consciousness. They will also learn about lessons imparted by the Gurus, with specific examples of Guru Harirai Sahib and his deep love of all plants and animals. This session will have intermingled fun and learning, which seeks to impart lessons and habits to last a life-time. The content and activities of this workshop can be tailored for any age group (K-12).

The Sikh Ghallughara of 1984

Duration: 2-3 hours
This workshop is created through a collaboration of ENSAAF and SikhRI, and is for middle-school (Grade 6-8) aged students. The session is designed to introduce the timeline and events of the 1984 Ghallughara during June and November. Using free-form writing exercises, group discussions, poetry and artistic creative expression, young adults are given the tools they need to understand and explore their feelings, individually and as a group, so that they will be equipped from an early age to explain and incorporate the significance of these events in Sikh’s collective history. Participants are also introduced to the principles of Justice according to our Gurus.

Sikh Teenagers in America
Duration: 1-2 hours 
This workshop is designed to create a space where Sikh teenagers are given the tools to understand Sikh history and the foundations of its traditions, while also facilitating a dialogue that takes into account the pressure teens face. Using an art project, group discussion and writing activities, participants will first explore the patterns of immigration that have led to a Sikh presence in North America, as well as the milestones and achievements that has been part of the experience for Sikhs everywhere. Then, with a special focus on Seva, attendees will place the values of community service, leadership, integrity and social responsibility in a Sikh context. Moving into a candid discussion of the tests to the community in a post-9/11 America, time will be spent discussing the ways that teens everywhere can rise to challenges that may result from ignorance, prejudice and fear in the larger external community. The workshop is intended to be a safe and welcoming place for teens to ask questions and feel heard.

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