Daljit Ami

Filmmaker & Writer

Daljit Ami is an independent documentary filmmaker and freelance writer. He works with Panjab Digital Library as Director of Communications. 

He has worked in three languages and four forms of media. He has worked with Punjabi Tribune as Assistant Editor, with Day and Night News as Editorial Consultant, with Global Punjab TV as Editor-in-Chief and with BBC as freelancer. He writes weekly column Swal-Samvad (Questions and Dialogue) in Punjabi Newspapers. He recently translated a novel Roll of Honour by Amandeep Sandhu in Punjabi as Gwah De Fanah Hon Toh Pehlan. He is an active public speaker in Panjab.



Inqlab Kaur: Activist & Sikhs in Panjab

What does being a Sikh mean in Punjab in ethical terms? If you happen to be an unwanted girl and then assert your choices to make Panjab an honorable space for humankind, what will patriarchy do to you? How will Sikh institutions respond to you who invoke sacrifices made to oppose injustice and intolerance? Let us discuss with reference of Inqlab Kaur who is in jail for a crime every Sikh is supposed to commit every moment.

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Liv - De-Freezing 1930's Panjab

Panjab Digital Library (PDL) is a voluntary initiative to digitize manuscripts, paintings, photographs, books and other printed or hand written material to preserve heritage. During the course of digitizing more than six million pages, PDL explored unknown treasures of heritage. These treasures familiarize the unfamiliar past in minute details which turn out to be a chance of happiness and sadness, simultaneously. The photographs clicked by Bhai Dhana Singh during his bicycle tour to different shrines in 1930s open a window to a different past. He might not have been aware of the fate of those shrines in near future but he has documented the heritage which not only provides a glimpse of the past but also incite to think about their present status. During last eight decades most of the buildings have been demolished or deteriorated without much care. Out of 200 photographs, Davinder Singh and Daljit Ami will share 15 to revisit those shrines which were frozen in frames. And hopefully move the agenda beyond apathy to connect with the real Panjabi roots.

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