Jotinder Singh Mann

Family Physician

Dr. Jotinder Singh Mann graduated with a major in Chemistry from Brandon University with greatest distinction. 

Upon graduation he received the Governor General’s Medal for highest standing Bachelor of Science program, and Gold Medal for highest standing last two years of Bachelor of Science Program, and a Silver Medal in Chemistry for highest standing for B.Sc majoring in Chemistry. He went on to complete his medical training at the University of Manitoba, after which he completed a Family Practice Residency at the University of British Columbia. He currently is a family physician and often has medical students and residents rotate through his clinic as he enjoys teaching. He also mentors IMG (international medical graduates) so that they may obtain recertification in Canada. He also helped start an organization called “I am Community,” which is run through a local high school and reaches out to single mothers and their children. He has been volunteering with Sikhri since the organization first brought programming to the lower mainland. He is a founder and a volunteer with the Pilot Sojhi School in BC that implements the Sohji curriculum developed by SikhRI. Jotinder lives with his wife, Parminder, and their two sons, Arjan and Raajan, in Surrey, British Columbia.


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