The Singh Twins


​​The Singh Twins are contemporary British artists with an international reputation, widely known for their highly detailed, narrative, symbolic and eclectic style rooted in Indian aesthetics. 

Describing their work as Past-Modern, The Twins, engage with social, political, and cultural issues that often explore hidden narratives of colonial history and its legacies.

Their contribution to art and as pioneers in the modern development of ancient Indian miniature painting has been recognized at the highest level. In 2010 they were made Honorary Citizens of their home city of Liverpool and in 2011 were each awarded MBE's by Queen Elizabeth I. They have subsequently each been awarded three Honorary Doctorates for their outstanding contribution to British art, services to the Indian miniature tradition, and most recently for promoting diversity in the arts. Their award-winning work, which challenges and redefines generally accepted, Eurocentric perceptions of heritage and identity in art and society has been cited by Sir Simon Schama as representing the artistic face of modern Britain.

Exhibitions include solo shows at London’s National Portrait Gallery, National Museums Scotland, National Museums Liverpool, and National Galleries of Modern Art, Mumbai and Delhi. In 2016 The Twins were extended a special invitation to participate in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and their public commission for the Museum of London which reinterprets two Victorian depictions of the ‘Indian Mutiny’ or ‘First War of Indian Independence,’ was selected for Tate Britain’s ‘Artist and Empire’ International touring exhibition. Their latest exhibition 'Slaves of Fashion', which was described as "a triumph of how to make boldly political art which doesn’t shout at its audience, but makes them want to discover the truth for themselves", attracted over 105,000 visitors at its launch venue in Liverpool alone. A later edition to the Slaves of Fashion series which was commissioned by Royal Collections Trust for exhibition at the Queen's Gallery Buckingham Palace won the 2019 Asian Culture Theatre and Arts Awards for visual arts.  Their latest artworks include 'NHS v Covid-19' (which is both a tribute to Britain's National Health workers and a critique of the UK Government's mishandling of the pandemic),  and a symbolic portrait of Trump which in response to the murder of George Floyd, explores how attitudes of white supremacy and racial inequality in America today, stem back to the history of slavery.


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