Wahenoor Singh

Wahenoor Singh holds a BS in Biology from the University of Georgia and is pursuing a healthcare career.

He attended Sidak in 2016 & 2019 to participate in Sikhi 101 & 201. He hopes to return one day in order to complete the triad with Gurmukhi 101.

After completing Sidak, he helped establish the UGA Sikh Student Association. Since then, he has helped host multiple interfaith events. Gurmat-based Sikhi remains the pillar of inspiration.

He is currently working towards following the path described by Guru Amar Das Sahib in Anand Sahib, attempting to tune in with Gurmat ideals, especially on an inward level.


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Animal Symbolism of the Khalsa

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib blessed his Khalsa with “Singh” & “Kaur.” The Guru also publicly declares his beloved followers a snake. What is the symbolism of this animal imagery? How does this impact the Sikh psyche?

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Presenting at Upcoming Events

Wahenoor Singh
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