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The Everlasting Power of Sidak

Throughout the years, we've seen so many young adults connect with Sikhi principles and learn to look at issues through Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). SikhRI celebrates each one of you!

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Sidak In Your Own Words

Before going into Sidak, I thought that everyone around me would be "experts" and "know everything" and I would just look dumb; Sidak was the first time I was able to learn about Sikhi without the fear of judgement.

Sidak helped me see that there are a lot of individuals on their own journey with Sikhi and all of them are valid and beautiful.

Sidak taught me that everyone's journey is different and you can maintain a lifestyle that incorporates Sikhi's teachings without following one distinct path.

Sidak changed Sikhi from being one part of my life to being the root.

Attending Gurmukhi 201, while a challenging course, helped me realize that I was capable of my own Gurbani transcreation and connecting with my Guru not through established "translations" but challenging myself to studying and understanding each individual word or shabad for myself.

It connected me to sangat who are like-minded and rooted in Sikhi in all they do.

Sidak Alum

MD/PhD Student

Abinash Kaur is an MD/PhD student seeking the meaning of her name. From camps to SSAs to leadership workshops, she enjoys engaging in seva that educates, uplifts, and liberates Sikh youth. She is also Co-editor of Kaurs Reimagine, a to-be-released anthology of Sikh women. Currently, Abinash is developing a community outreach project to improve healthcare literacy in the NYC Sikh community. She finds relaxation with her dilruba and by watching the hues of the sunset.

Business Operations Manager

Amanpreet grew up in NY; his parents are Sikh and Punjabi. Along with his brother, the three are powerful influences in Amanpreet’s life. Inspired by them, he took his education seriously throughout his childhood. Eventually, he went to Harvard and became interested in the tech industry. Amanpreet was attracted by the potential to leverage entrepreneurship as a mechanism for personal and societal benefit. Since then, he has continued to aspire and work towards building his own company in a way that is consistent with the values of Sikhi.

Secondary Vice Principal

Anupreet Kaur Bal is a Secondary Vice Principal in Surrey, British Columbia. She has a passion for helping children and youth develop into lifelong learners. Whether it’s in a Math or Sikhi classroom, Anu strives to create an environment that encourages curiosity, wonder, and love for everything that children are surrounded by in their worlds. Anu holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Kinesiology, a B.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Simon Fraser University. She is a Sidak Alumni of 2014 and has been involved with SikhRI since 2007.

Freelance Graphics Designer

Deep Singh currently works as freelance graphic designer & marketing consultant, aiming to help small-to-mid sized businesses grow & develop their branding. Prior to this tenure, Deep worked at ZTE for over 7 years, wearing different marketing hats within the organization. Afterwards, he served at SikhRI as Community Manager. He enjoys traveling, being outdoors & serving others whenever he can, especially dogs. Deep completed his MBA from UT Dallas in 2011 & Bachelors in Business Administration in 2009 from UT Dallas as well.

Research Scientist

Deep Singh left a comfortable job in finance to pursue his goal of being a leader within the Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence community. As part of fulfilling this dream, he is currently doing a PhD at the University of Oxford as part of a job within Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence at the National Physical Laboratory. Deep enjoys expressing himself creatively. Over the last few years this has been primarily through producing music. It has allowed him to build new friendships with other artists and collaborate with people he used to admire and create more art for his community.

Software Engineer
2017 & 2018

Diveesh Singh is currently working in the Bay Area as a Software Engineer. His hobbies outside of work include dancing (mostly KPop or Bhangra), baking, learning new languages (currently learning Korean), and figuring out the meaning of life; still haven't figured out that last one. Diveesh is a Sidak alumni of 2017, 2018 and a TA and facilitator since 2019

Care Coordination Specialist
2016 & 2017

Divpreet is a graduate student studying Public Health Policy at the University of Maryland while working as a Care Coordinator Specialist at one of Baltimore's leading hospitals. She is curious about the impact of population-level health policies on individual attitudes and belief systems and the steps of the transformation itself. She is replenished by vichar with sangat, simran via painting or writing poetry, and sometimes even the loving effort of trans-interpreting daily hukamnamai.

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant
2013, 2014, & 2016

Gagan Kaur is a Human Resource professional by day and a community development enthusiast by night. Gagan is inspired by IkOankar, believing that there is One Unifying source that connects us all. Gagan aims to engage with initiatives that support individuals and/or communities to recognize their Divine Jot and thus their Divine potential. Supporting initiatives that allow for self-healing and accepting individual and community Truths is a passion for Gagan.

Associate Lawyer

Guntaas Kaur is a born and bred Vancouverite. In 2005, she received a BA with Honours in Political Science & International Relations from Carleton Univeristy, Ottawa. In 2011, she completed a Masters in Peace & Conflict studies from the University of Bradford, UK, where she explored the on-going need for formal conflict resolution in Punjab today post-1984. Also in 2011, Guntaas became the first Sikh-Canadian to participate in a 6-week intensive Minority Rights Fellowship Program at the UN High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2015, Guntaas graduated from Law School at the University of Exeter and was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 2019. While her law practice focuses primarily on family and criminal law, she is passionate about human rights, international law & conflict, gender issues, world religions & strengthening interpersonal dialogue – particularly between Canada's Sikh & Indigenous populations. Guntaas is a Sidak Alum from 2014, a former Advisory Council Member with SikhRI and is the World Sikh Organization of Canada's Vice-President for BC.

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