The Lover & The Beloved

A Conversation

Through the pen of Bhai Vir Singh, we get a glimpse into a profound relationship. The tug of separation. The mystery of longing. The faith in relationships. The yearning for union.
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It’s that time of the year when my heart sings on its own. When my being sways on its own. It is as if the universe knows it is the coming of my Patasha – Guru Nanak Sahib.

The sun is shining.
The wind is dancing.
The leaves are rustling.
I am in ecstasy.

I hear voices.
I strain my ears.
I listen….

“O’ Unblemished Being! From the origin, I am the forgotten one, the mirasi-lowly singer of your house. Unworthy of any virtue. However, from the very beginning, you recognized me as your own. You took me in, respected me, and kept me close. I kept making mistakes, but you kept forgiving. I kept slipping on the Sidak-faith ladder. I kept breaking down with sorrow and hunger, but you continuously held my arm and kept me close to you.

“O’ Eternal Forgiving Giver! Keep me, the unvirtuous one, at your feet. Don’t separate me from yourself. If I had any virtue, I would say so, but I am completely devoid of any virtue. You gave respect to this downtrodden being. Please don’t give me the stain of separating from your feet.”

I can barely breathe.
It is the voice of my dearest and closest friend - Bhai Mardana.
The one who has so generously shared his Love with me and made me fall in love as well.
I know Guru will answer.

I wait…

“The separation in which there is ‘forgetfulness,’ that is a ‘death-like’ separation. The separation that has ‘remembrance,’ that is a ‘living’ separation, and a meeting will transpire. The separation of ‘remembrance’ is called a ‘longing.’ The ones who don’t have this ‘longing’ are spiritually dead. The ones who are awakened to this spiritual ‘longing,’ divine awareness enters them.

“Friend! Continuous remembering of the Divine manifests continuous joy. Till the time we meet again, keep remembering the Divine. You will experience the Presence.

“Mardana! You must not falter; remain strong. I will not let this relationship end. This is a short separation. And in this separation, there will be a union.”

I am sobbing.
For I, too, am struggling with separation.

My heart whispers to my mind:
“Listen to what Guru is saying.
I know it’s complicated.
I know it’s difficult.
However, you will merge with your love.”

Overflowing with gratitude, my head bows.
Guru is way too kind to this unworthy being.

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Creative Director

Inni Kaur is Creative Director at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI).

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