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Guru Nanak Sahib: 1-Ness to 1-Identity

Released: February 07, 2020 &

This week, SikhRI is in India.

Feb. 1-9, 2020 — Guru Nanak Sahib: 1-Ness to 1-Identity
National Museum, New Delhi

We were invited by VOYCE (Vision and Opportunities for Youth & Community Empowerment) to develop content and deliver presentations at the National Museum in Delhi.

This exhibition is another opportunity for SikhRI to serve in helping to bring Guru Nanak Sahib’s eternal message to the world. After the IN5 “Golden Temple Experium” exhibition in Toronto, Canada early last year, through to our work in Australia late last year, this exhibition serves as another example of SikhRI’s content development and presentation expertise being leveraged by world-class institutions and organizations. 




Please share this message with your friends and family living or traveling in proximity to the Delhi area.

It’s an experience not to be missed.


What are people saying:

"I really appreciate the knowledge and hold over Guru Nanak Sahib's journey. Thanks for exposing me to new deeper perspectives." 

"The story is told so beautifully and, in a way, that everyone can feel…"

"The research stands out, this isn't about myth, it's about the true story, the one we can actually relate to.





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