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Awakening our Minds

January 9, 2024

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey through time as we explore the ageless query: How can we rise above negative thinking and immerse our minds in devotion to the One? The timeless wisdom of Guru Tegbahadar Sahib awaits, elegantly unfurling in the second stanza of Rag Ramkali:

O virtuous beings! Which method may be used now?
By which all false thinking may be destroyed, and the mind may be drenched in the devotion of Ram.
Mind is entangled in Maya; it does not know any wisdom.
Which is that Nam, with the remembrance of which, the world may attain a state of liberation?

The lingering question echoes: How can one dismantle the fortress of negative thinking and immerse the mind in devotion to the One, the Beautiful?

Visualize the mind as an expansive landscape, veiled in the dense fog of Maya, material attachment. Entwined and entangled, it leaves scant room for wisdom or knowledge to bloom. We are beckoned to identify with Nam —Identification with IkOankar, the One, the Beautiful One that, when remembered, can liberate the world. This distinct Nam, separate from various interpretations, holds the key to immediate freedom.

Singing praises and contemplating the virtues of the Beautiful One transcends all other religious practices, eclipsing rituals and emerging as the paramount expression of devotion.

Consider a transformative practice: ushering the Nam of the Beautiful One into our hearts, if only for a fleeting moment each day. Age and status fade into insignificance; the emphasis shifts to that sacred connection. Though not guaranteed every time we sing, this intimate connection becomes a profound learning process—a conscious recognition that genuine connection may prove elusive.

Yet, within that moment of connection, the fear of death dissipates, and life unfolds in its complete beauty. Recognizing that singing alone is insufficient, the key lies in embracing the virtues of the One and fostering an authentic heart connection. It involves feeling the Nam enter our hearts, even for a fleeting second, transforming our perception of life.

We pause.

When awareness becomes the guiding light, we discern the moments when consciousness shifts.

The pivotal question surfaces: Once we experience that glimpse, that fleeting connection, will we change? Will our behaviors align with the transformative power of Nam, making life a manifestation of beauty and devotion?

The answer lies in our conscious choices, in awakening our minds to the profound possibilities within the embrace of the Beautiful One.

May we commit to making that conscious choice.

May the Wisdom-Guru be with us!

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