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Mirrors of Resilience: Poh Chronicles

December 19, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

A sacred hush descends in the embrace of Pokh or Poh (14 December - 13 January). It's a month marked by shahadat, a month of martyrdom.

Imagine this moment as a pause in the cosmic symphony—a pause that beckons us to witness, to bear witness to the profound tapestry of emotions woven into this temporal space.

This is the month of separation when the threads of connection seem to unravel. It's a chapter of loss, a narrative of betrayal, and yet, within this narrative, the seeds of valor are sown. Picture it as a vast canvas where each stroke is a memory, each color a unique emotion.

As we traverse this month, the echoes of history resound. We remember the poignant separation of the Tenth Sovereign's family, a saga etched in the fabric of time. The ink-black waters of the Sirsa River become a metaphor for the loss of our literature, carried away by the currents.

Chamkaur and Khidrana emerge as battlegrounds in the theater of memory; each clash is a testament to valor. Picture the Vade Sahibzade standing tall, their courage a beacon in the swirling chaos.

Yet, amidst the shadows, the figure of Gangu, the cook, looms large—a symbol of betrayal etched into the annals of this month. At this moment, let the image of Mata Gujri's parting words to the Chote Sahibzade echo in your mind: "Remember who you are."

And then, in the quiet corners of recollection, there's the Dat-Gift—a cascade of virtues bestowed upon us. It's the Gift of resilience, a resilient spirit rising like a phoenix. It's the Gift of perseverance, an unyielding force propelling us forward. The Gift of Justice, a guiding star in times of moral uncertainty. Gratitude blooms as a Gift, fostering a garden of abundance.

Martyrdom, the supreme sacrifice, becomes a poignant Gift that transcends temporal boundaries. And woven into the fabric of it all is the Gift of Gifts: Nam-Identification with IkOankar-1Force, an eternal connection that ties us to the divine tapestry of existence.

So, as we navigate the sacred landscape of this month, let us pause, witness, and reflect on the analogies painted by history. In each remembrance, find the brushstrokes of inspiration, coloring the canvas of our journey.

May we remember.
May the Wisdom-Guru be with us!

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