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The Radiant Path: Bhagat Pipa's Journey

August 8, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

Bhagat Pipa is one of the fifteen Bhagat contributors to the Guru Granth Sahib, whose mesmerizing composition rests on page 695. A Rajasthani ruler turned into a devoted being; he generously shares his insights on encountering the formless Divine in this moving composition set to Rag Dhanasari—a melody that exudes contentment and cheerfulness upon realizing the Beautiful One resonating within oneself.

At the core of his revelation lies the profound realization that IkOankar, the Beautiful One, is everything and all-pervasive, liberating us from the chains of birth and death. Challenging conventional thinking, Bhagat Pipa locates the realization of the Beautiful One within the very essence of our being—the body itself. He sheds light on the futility of external rituals and offerings, emphasizing that the true offering lies within our body and mind, where we delve deeply into the Nam of the Beautiful One. He says, "The body is the deity; the body is the temple; the body is the wandering ascetic; the body is the traveler. The body is the incense, lamps, and food offering. I worship the body; the body is the leaf."

In a world obsessed with hierarchy, Bhagat Pipa's message stands as a powerful testament to the equality of all beings in accessing the Divine. He firmly refutes any notion of some being unworthy based on caste or gender, acknowledging that every being possesses the potential to realize the Beautiful One.

Through the metaphor of the "Nine Treasures," Bhagat Pipa unveils that the realization of Nam holds the key to breaking the cycle of rebirth and death. Embracing the eternal Nam fills us with awe, and reverence for the Beautiful One, leading to a life of true fulfillment.

As we immerse ourselves in Bhagat Pipa's composition, we are reminded of the precious gift of human life, granting us the rare opportunity to seek unity with the Beautiful One through the eternal Nam. His universal message transcends dis/ability, appearance, race, class, caste, gender, or age, embracing the diversity of human forms as channels to access the universal Nam that permeates all.

May we allow Bhagat Pipa's timeless composition to guide us in shedding concerns for status and, instead, to listen closely to the sweet echoes of the Beautiful One residing within?

May the Wisdom-Guru be with us!

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