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Transform Into A Lover

June 13, 2023

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

We enter the month of  Harh (15 June-16 July). The Earth suffers pain; the fire of the sun sears and dries up vegetation. The sun’s fire dries up the vegetation’s sap; one dies from the scorching heat, yet that sun does not give up its action.

Bodies of water have dried up, yet the sun remains true to its inherent nature, rotating and heating the Earth. The sky radiates heat, enveloping everything in a burning layer. In this scorching environment, the seeker frantically searches for relief, longing for comfort from external and internal burning pain.

The seeker, who understands that pain and comfort are transient, like the changing seasons, chooses to embrace and experience these fluctuations instead of solely yearning for comfort. They comprehend the significance of this pain and burning. Thus, that seeker transforms into a lover. The lover recognizes that their relationship with the Spouse will shield them from being consumed by the flames. Although the lover feels the anguish of separation, it no longer overpowers them, as their consciousness remains centered on the Spouse.

The Guru says to whom the Adorable Spouse has gifted this truth-oriented mind, their life, and death are only with the Adorable Spouse.

May we yearn to be with the Adorable Spouse.
May the Wisdom-Guru guide us!

Watch, Listen, Read

Barah Maha: Asar

Asar is the fourth month of Barah Maha. It is sweltering heat. The earth endures pain and suffering as the sun sucks all of the life from the defenseless vegetation. The heat is a symbol of a human-bride, the seeker who is disconnected from IkOankar. Follow the human-bride as she finds realization in her anxieties and the external pains in her life.

The Sidak Impact: Jasleen Kaur & Kabir Singh

Sidaker, Kabir Singh, speaks with Sidak Facilitator, Jasleen Kaur about the realizations that came about as a result of attending Sidak. A lot of his fears around questioning his faith and comparing himself to his peers were alleviated.

Kant Maheli - The Fragrance of Bhai Vir Singh

This poem is from a lived experience of the one who is drenched with love. Nature and its seasons become a mere reflection of that love.

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