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Where Do We Place Our Love?

October 11, 2022

Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fatih!

Guru Teghbahadar Sahib, in the seventh couplet of Salok Mahala 9, says, The One who has given body and wealth to you, you did not place love with That One. Nanak: O crazy being! Now, why waver like a helpless being?

Do we love the gifts but not the Giver?

The IkOankar, the One who has given us this body—this wealth—is that Giver in our consciousness? Have we developed a love for the Giver, or are we unable to see past our “temporary things”? The love of these “temporary things” causes us pain.

Why are we in pain?

Separated from the Giver, we have not understood that the body and wealth are not ours, to begin with. They are gifts; if we accepted them as gifts, there would be no reason to fear their loss; there would be no reason for pain. It is no wonder that the Guru, lovingly addressing us as the mad ones, asks, why are we wavering like helpless beings? Why are we trembling?

We have not connected with the Giver.
We have not practiced the “remembrance.”
We have not allowed the Wisdom to enter our minds.

We pause.
We reflect.

The Wisdom reminds us that these gifts are from The Giver.
The “remembrance” reminds us that we are to control the body instead of the body controlling us.

Can we change?
Can we accept these as gifts?
Can we be in gratitude?

May we seek change!
May the Wisdom-Guru guide us!

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