Mandhir Singh

Sr. Analyst at Mach Advisors, LLC

Mandhir Singh has over 20 years of experience in Asset Management in the US. 

Before joining his current firm, IronBridge Capital Management, he worked at HHR Asset Management, J. & W. Seligman & Co., and McKinley Capital Partners. Mandhir has an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a bachelor’s degree from St. Stephens College, Delhi University, India. Mandhir has been very active on the social service area both through providing funding as well as contributing his own time. He was the Principal of Bridgewater Khalsa School. He also helped plan and implement a number of aspects in the school successfully such as setting up of the website, implementing Sojhi coursework, starting a Gurmat Sangeet program at School and starting a soup kitchen effort. He lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey with his wife, Achint, and two children, Noor Kaur and Dayaal Singh. Mandhir Singh is also the Tri-State Area Coordinator for SikhRI.


Oct 9

You could have heard a pin drop

Date: June 10th or 11th, 1984 – General Brar via his ADC (Aide de Camp) requested to meet a few of the old Sikh and Hindu families in Amritsar. Grudgingly, my parents agreed to host the dinner. The General (wearing his decorated uniform) along with 5-7 Indian Army Officers entered our home in a celebratory mood, as if they were to going to attend a victory lap. But, what transpired was very different. There were approximately 40 civilians from various families also present.

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Oct 10

“You’re supposed to win!”

I am driving my daughter to yet another Field Hockey tournament. Over the past 4+ years, we have lost track of how many matches we have played. One season rolls into the next and we put more miles on the cars. One would think it would get monotonous and mundane. But, the exact opposite is happening-each season is more exciting, each tournament more important.

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