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#nanakshahi550 - What was Guru Nanak Sahib’s take on marriage?


What was Guru Nanak Sahib’s take on marriage?This video series attempts to shatter the prevailing image of Guru Nanak Sahib as a peaceful saint.

What was Guru Nanak Sahib’s take on marriage?

This video series attempts to shatter the prevailing image of Guru Nanak Sahib as a peaceful saint. By using primary and secondary sources to interpret Guru Sahib’s views on today’s issues, we present Guru Nanak Sahib’s message as being just as relevant today as it was in 15th century South Asia.

Created to commemorate #nanakshahi550, these videos feature Sahiba Kaur & Harinder Singh.

Harinder Singh is a prolific writer and sought-after public speaker. He has authored several articles on spirituality, history, culture, linguistics, politics, governance, and prison reform. He currently serves as the Senior Fellow, Research & Policy, at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI). His current focus is on developing critical thinking for Sikh institutions and developing contemporary connections to the Guru Granth Sahib for a global audience.

Gursahiba “Sahiba” Kaur is a fashion designer and is the founder of Voiix India, an Indian fashion house. Voiix India is a boho-chic brand inspired by the folk tales of India. A commitment to revive, sustain and empower the Indian crafts and textiles led her to launch this sustainable and eco-conscious brand.

Created on Nov. 23, 2018 in New Delhi, India.
Videography: Harmeet Singh, 5k Photography

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Harinder Singh

Senior Fellow, Research & Policy

Harinder Singh is the Senior Fellow at the Sikh Research Institute. He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University, an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas, and an MPhil from Punjab University in the linguistics of the Guru Granth Sahib. 

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