All-Enchanting Sabad

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pine trees near snow mountain during golden hour

Fall arrives.
Colors enchant.
Orange like the late-summer sunset.
Golden like the essence within.

Zephyr speaks:
“It’s time to go within.
Listen to what Guru Arjan Sahib is saying:

“Sabad is our loving immortal-stream,
Guru hasn’t held it back from the mind–
Not even for an instant, O! People. Reflect.

Sabad colors in Creator’s Color,
Envision, touches, blossoms
and delights, O! People.

Green Trees Under Fog

Nanak on Sabad

Moment’s remembrance reaches the Guru,
Every breath lifts the fear,
String a garland of All-Pervasive around the neck,
and cherish it in the heart, O! People.“

Guru Granth Sahib, 404

I listen.
I listen deeply.

Questions ebb and flow in my consciousness.

What is Sabad?
How does: Sabad envision, touch, blossom and delight?

Zephyr speaks:
“To say Sabad is a Sacred or Divine word is limiting.
Turn to Sidh Gost. You will find your answers there.”

I delve into Sidh Gost.

Verse 44 reveals:
“The Sabad is the Guru,
and the awareness of its sound is the disciple.”

I go deeper.

Verse 58 reveals:
“Sabad is the medium through which
Truth-Oriented individuals come to an understanding of Ik Oankar; One Reality.”

I reach out to my spiritual grandfather, Bhai Vir Singh.
He writes: “The narrative of the All-Pervasive is Amrit (Immortal Nectar) and Sabad reveals this narrative.
This divine narrative connects one to the All-Pervasive and when Graced one experiences Nam (Divine Identification).
Nam is the primordial essence that binds the entire creation as one integral whole.

“This Divine Narrative of the All-Pervasive is what Guru Arjan Sahib has gifted to humanity.
The way to experience divine realization, is revealed in Sabad.”

For a seeker like me, this is that “Golden Key.”
For at last, I have found a Guide, who will reveal “The Path – a rare occurrence.

waterfalls in the middle of green trees

Envisioning begins.
Chiseling follows.
Sabad enters.
Sabad touches.

Stream of sweetness flows within.
Sweetness is transformational.
There is no turning back.
This is the falling and rising in love simultaneously.

Sabad’s touch creates and excitement within,
which far outweighs worldly excitement.
It is a joyous intoxication,
for Sabad is drenched in the Divine Love-Color.

I blossom.
I savor the Fruit ever so reverently,
ever so gently.
The delight is beyond description.

An incredible Gift from the House of Guru Nanak.
So, enter the universe of Sabad.
Be enchanted, enraptured,
enthralled and so much more...

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Creative Director

Inni Kaur is Creative Director at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI).

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