Kiranjot Kaur

Associate Editor

Kiranjot Kaur is the Associate Editor at the Sikh Research Institute. She is pursuing her Ph.D. at York University. 

She holds an M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Global Justice from Wilfrid Laurier University and a B.A. in Religion from the University of Toronto.

She is an academic, writer, and educator and currently serves as a Teaching Assistant in the Humanities department at York University. Her doctoral research focuses on bodies of literature relating to post-secular and post-colonial theories and ideas in the philosophy of religion.

She finds strength and inspiration through Sikh principles like sangat and seva and strives to reinvigorate academic spaces with divinely inspired passion.

Currently, she is writing her first book on post-secularity and spirituality from a Sikh lens and is actively publishing essays through other open-access platforms. When she is not writing or teaching, she enjoys baking, spending time with her family, and planning her next travel adventure.

Kiranjot Kaur resides with her family in Canada.


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Feb 15

The Indomitable Spirit of Banda Singh Bahadar

This article explores intimate connections that can be drawn from the history and legacy of Banda Singh Bahadar. Learning from the prominent Sikh scholar Dr. Ganda Singh’s work, this article will delve into the meaningful resonances between today’s faith and yesterday’s history as it permeates the psyches of Sikh consciousness.

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Jan 20

Guru Teghbahadar Sahib: The Path to Azadi-Freedom

The story of my Divine Beloved is the becoming of Freedom.

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