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Bhagat Namdev in Rag Asa | Guru Granth Sahib 485

Sabad Recitation


This composition by Bhagat Namdev is in Rag Asa, a musical mode used to evoke a mood of hope, expectation, inspiration, and courage. In Bhagat Namdev’s earlier worship mode, he was a follower of the “Bithal” deity.

Bring a pitcher and fill it with water for bathing the deity.1
But 4.2 million creatures live in the water (according to Hindu scriptures) —
How can Bithal¹ exist there?  1.

Everywhere I go, Bithal is present,
Always enjoying great bliss and play.  1. Reflect

Bring flowers and string a garland for worshiping the deity.
But the bumble-bee has already taken the fragrance—
How can Bithal exist there?  2.

Bring milk and cook the pudding for an edible offering to the deity.
But the calf has already contaminated the milk—
How can Bithal exist there?  3.

Here Bithal, there Bithal—There is no world without Bithal.
Namdev submits: You are totally permeating the Universe—
all spaces and interspaces.  4.

¹ Deity in Jain and Vaishnav tradition but All-Pervasive for Bhagat Namdev.

Note: Interplay happening between Bithal and the deity. The religious world always wants to maintain the purity of their deity, but Namdev says the Divine is everywhere, so every space is pure.

     Bhagat Namdev ji in Rag Asa | Guru Granth Sahib 485

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