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So Purakhu - Sabad 1


In this enlightening video, we dive deep into the first Sabad of So Purakhu, as beautifully expressed by Guru Ramdas Sahib. 

In this enlightening video, we dive deep into the first Sabad of So Purakhu, as beautifully expressed by Guru Ramdas Sahib.

Join us as we explore the profound wisdom that sheds light on the dualism within religious traditions concerning the nature of IkOankar (Supreme Being). This Sabad (divine verse) guides the seeker to understand that IkOankar transcends such divisions and exists as both transcendent and imminent, surpassing the human mind's and senses' limitations.

To gain a deeper understanding of So Purakhu and the teachings of Guru Ramdas Sahib, watch the video and reflect on the timeless wisdom shared.

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Surender Pal Singh

Senior Research Associate

Surender Pal Singh is a Senior Research Associate at the Sikh Research Institute. He holds a Master’s degree in Religious Studies and English. 

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