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Guru Arjan Sahib in Rag Majh | Guru Granth Sahib 102

Sabad Recitation


This composition by Guru Arjan Sahib is in Rag Majh. This rag (musical mode) evolved from the folk music of the Majha area of the Panjab. There is no reference to this rag in Indian music. It is only sung in Panjab and is in the Guru Granth Sahib. 

Everything is within the home; nothing is outside,
One searching outside is deluded by doubt,
Through Guru’s Grace, the one who has realized
the Divine within, is joyous inwardly and outwardly,
O! Breath of Breath, O! Life of Life. 1.

Slowly and gently rains the immortal stream,
Mind drinks, listening and reflecting on Sabad,
Bliss, elation experienced day and night,
Endless All-Pervasive play,
O! Breath of Breath, O! Life of Life. 2.

Lifetimes of separation, now united.
Through Sage-Guru’s Grace, dry becomes green,
Wisdom attained, Nam realized,
Became Guru-oriented, meeting occurred,
O! Breath of Breath, O! Life of Life. 3.

As the waves of water merge into the water,
so does light merge into the Light.
Nanak: When the curtain of doubt is lifted, wanderings cease
O! Breath of Breath, O! Life of Life. 4.
     Guru Arjan Sahib in Rag Majh  | Guru Granth Sahib 102

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