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Women & Gender in Sikhi - Report

State of the Panth
Sikh Panth
Gender Equality
Women & Gender in Sikhi - Report
This report aims to understand and explore Sikh conceptions of women and gender, responses to gender- based inequality and oppression, and framings of masculinity. The report explores the topics of women and gender from a Gurmat (or Guru’s Way) perspective, as inferred from Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle).

This is the full, downloadable PDF of the the State of the Panth report "Women & Gender in Sikhi."

Women’s issues and the issues of gender as it applies to all gender identities are being grappled with globally. These issues have existed throughout history, and as time goes on, they change shape.

Those who identify as women are using their voices to bring awareness to issues that matter to them, but every community has a long way to go.